I was once an image storyteller, an editorial photographer for 35 years since the 80´s. At first I used, of course, analog photography. I took 35mm and 6x7” size transparencies to deliver to the magazines I worked for.

Around the change of the new century, It took me by surprise the arrival of digital photography, the learning process was slow and costly. But I was passionate about my work, I took portraits of personalities and photo-reportages and kept learning.

Today I face a dilemma, after making and edition and scanning the transparencies to make a digital archival, should I put them in the garbage? Are they not useful anymore? It is hard, it hurts, it is like throwing away all of my memories.

I believe there is no such thing as an objective view. We “make” pictures, because we are like filters, our lives are reflected in each image in some way. And in each image there goes a bit of us.

This is a picture taken with some few old 35mm transparencies of my archives of portraits I took many years ago. They were already scanned and bend, cut and torn apart to avoid recognition ready to be thrown away, placed over the light box where I edited for more than a thousand days of my life.