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“You go through life hand-in-hand with desire.  From morning till you’re tucked in by the moon at night, everything is a desire. Health, work, love, money, success, recognition. These are no different from alcohol or drugs--in essence, they’re all desire. And the most primordial desire is not to die, not to disappear into the void, not be devoured by nothingness. But everything you see and wish for is nothing.  I’m not speaking figuratively: it’s literally nothing. If for just a second you would accept the void; if for a second you stopped desiring that nothingness; if for a second you could let yourself disappear and let go, embrace that which you don’t see, and which is not a desire; then you will collapse into the sweetest bout of weeping you can imagine.  No desire fulfilled can move you that way.  Achieving your dreams is simply staying asleep.”


Gusel Mindman