Installation (background): Ericka Bañuelos

Disassemble, 2017


I remember my father’s and my grandfather’s studios, with their sets, lights and props, selected according to the photogenic qualities, personality and temperament of the person they would be portraying.  That was the glamorous world of studio photography that was the art and livelihood of three generations of my ancestors.  My own interest today is in de-constructing the image, disolve illusions, giving new meaning to the art of portrait.


In my photographs, I take apart bodies, lop off heads, and tear printed photographs to see how they decompose over time. And at the same time I wonder: what would happen if printed copies of photos would get ill and age as people do?



I use a thick photographic paper to print my photos to be able to manipulate them. Sometimes I use elements like washing powder, or some liquid that would alter the natural conditions of the paper with the passing of time. On other occasions, I make the alterations with digital manipulation in the computer.